United Women Affiliation

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Social Enterprise

ESOL Courses
(English for Speakers of Other Languages)

We partner with Infinite Skills to deliver English coursed designed to boost confidence for non-native English speakers. 

Emphasis is placed on practical communication in real-life situations. Cultural nuances and language nuances are explored to enhance effective cross-cultural communication. 

Shamba Project

Funded by the community fund grant, we implemented the Shamba project, aiming to:

  1. Connect with nature
  2. Increase understanding and engagement of outdoor activities 
  3. Promote inclusion and physical, social & emotional wellbeing 

The project ran between November 2022 and December 2023. During this time, women & young people were able to promote cultural vegetable produce that were not readily available in the UK, but commonly used in Sub-Saharan Africa. Examples included: Mchicha, Mnavu, Sukuma week, matembele and pumpkin leaves. 

We were able to feed 117 families with cultural green vegetables from this project

Project Impact