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UNITED WOMEN AFFILIATION (UWA)   UWA’s general purpose is to empower women, young mothers, single fathers and young people, particularly within underprivileged communities in Sheffield, surrounding areas and internationally, to reach their full potential.  We focus on raising awareness, building resilience, providing support and enabling underprivileged people to make full use of the services and support available to them to enjoy their right to improve their life, their family and community.   UWA believes that KNOWLEDGE (education) is power… and that through understanding things we improve the way we think and the way we do those things. We shall share experiences to bring out EVIDENCE so that we can inspire each and every one of us to take BOLD ACTION and ‘FLOURISH’.

UWA Mission

Our Mission is to advocate and provide access to evidenced-based social well-being awareness and education to promote resilience, building and improve quality of life for underprivileged children, women, young mothers, single fathers and young people locally and internationally. 

UWA Vision

To become a platform where social well-being, cultural diversity and evidence-based community public health awareness shared, acknowledged, respected and brings the positive practices in promoting resilience, improving lifestyle and advocating for quality education and career development for underprivileged women, young mothers, single fathers and young people.

UWA Values


ove with respect

pportunities that inspire

erification and fulfilment

ncouragement, engagement and commitment

UWA Goals

Education & Awareness



To Increase awareness on social well-being and preventable health conditions.



To advocate for quality education opportunities for underprivileged, children and to promote career and professional development for women, young mothers, single fathers and young people.



To work in partnership with research organisations to conduct community public health research to improve quality of life for underprivileged (BAME) women, children, young mothers and single fathers.



To provide support, advise and advocacy for career and continue professional development



To network with local, national and international agencies and like-minded people in Education, Research and Consultancy businesses.

UWA Training

Our training sessions were conducted outside to meet COVID-19 safe working rules and regulations.

“Different approaches are needed to promote health and education needs. This is one of the training sessions conducted by UWA.”

Download the full report here.

Social Wellness Awareness Project

UWA supports women from minority communities to understand and manage social well-being issues around them. Its focus is to support single women, single mothers and single fathers who are destitute, deprived, and underprivileged aims to reduce the emotional health that would impact the children and limit the capacity to flourish in their lives.

UWA advocates and addresses social isolation, social well-being, social hardship. Provides targeted information and awareness, education, and looking for entrepreneurs’ opportunities for women to build their financial capacity, better their lives, and meet their dream. The outcome of our vision is to see LOVE flourishing within single-handed families and bring positive social images to the children.

The social wellness awareness project was funded by South Yorkshire Community Foundation for one year. With this grant, UWA reached out to numbers of single mothers, women, and single fathers in need and deprived. Indeed, the requirements are outstanding because many women still lack essential social awareness and education to overcome social wellness issues. Given the challenges of Covid-19, most of underprivileged families experienced several social barriers, especially in meeting their basic needs.

JUNE 2020 – JUNE 2021

Below is some of the feedback received from the project participants.

One of the women awareness sessions run by United Women Affiliation.

Making people feel valuable is one of our core values in our charity. Listening to how they feel and working with them to build their confidence is what we cherish.

UWA Volunteer Bubbles

Our UWA Volunteer bubbles were out supporting families in seldom heard communities in need during COVID-19.

Cheka Nami Project



  • Come out of your house and meet other people laugh with them and refresh
  • Take away those feelings of loneliness and anxiety
  • Gain confidence after Covid-19 lockdown rules lifted
  • Supporting each other socially – Gain social wellness

Cheka Nami – “Laugh with Me”

  • Talk
  • Laugh Again
  • Engage
  • Socialize
  • Feel Relaxed

“When single mothers are emotionally happy even the children become happier.”

knowledge. fulfilment. bold action

“Movement for better”

We Would Like To See

Women, young mothers, single fathers and young people within underprivileged communities flourish financially, socially and emotionally through education, career & professional development.

Underprivileged women, young mothers, single fathers and young people are enabled to fulfil their potential through addressing issues at the earliest stages.

Communities come together and build strong relationship and resilience to overcome inequalities of all kind.

Holding Hands, Love, Respect, Commitment and Compassion

...made us glue together as sisters & mothers

Our Stories

We came together as a symbol of cohesion, supporting each other financially and socially.  In the weddings; looking after each other when encountering short-term illness and bereavements.


The feeling of togetherness as sisters  and mothers made us feel happy and reassured.  We realised that we need each other regardless individuals’ background.  Also, we appreciated that a single person cannot fulfil a social gap that one needs, especially when encountering a sadness – even happiness.  “The problem shared alleviates emotional trauma.”


Holding hands, Love, Respect, Commitment and compassion… made us glue together as sisters & mothers.


We feel that the world is full of challenges especially for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic women, young mothers and single fathers in raising their children to the standard they would want and preparing for their decent retirement.  The carry over effect that some of us have experienced of being an immigrant either with a background of refugee, asylum seekers or as diasporas, plays a significant negative impact on our social wellness, which could cause mental disturbances.


~ Lack of social health awareness

~ Lack of professional & career development

~ Educational needs & support to our children

~ Lack of financial freedom

~ Challenges in managing long-term illness

… and still we have a deep feeling of wanting to reach  out to those in great needs – a family root.


We made a resolution that as women in union we need to stand up, do something to better our lives, our children, our family and engage well in the society and diaspora. Also, fulfil our dreams and to actualise our potential.


If not for ourselves – for our mothers, sisters, children and the men in our lives.

Our Founder

The Executive Director for the United Women Affiliation (UWA). Dr Hawa is the originator and provides strategic leadership and management for the charity. Her professional background is Public Health Leadership. Her main interest is to improve community social wellbeing and reduce preventable social and health inequalities for underprivileged families and communities. She believes that reducing social and health inequalities, improving community trust, focusing on genuine collaborative social reality research, investing in meaningful social awareness information and education, and reaching out to the seldom-heard families and communities is imperative. She always says…

"Together We Shall

Dr Hawa Yatera, PhD, MPH, DipEd, RGN

COVID-19 Guidance

For the latest information on rules and restrictions and support for the community please visit the local council’s website here.

Download the full report here.

Download the full report here.


We provided Long covid and Vaccination Educational Awareness Training Sessions.


You can download the full report here.

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