United Women Affiliation

Advocating LOVE for everyone



UWA aims to empower women, young mothers, single fathers, and youth, especially in underprivileged communities in Sheffield, its surrounding areas, and globally, helping them achieve their full potential. We firmly believe in empowering women to positively impact their entire families.


We focus on promoting awareness, building resilience, offering support, and empowering underprivileged individuals to fully utilise available services. This enables them to exercise their right to enhance their lives, families and communities.


UWA believes that KNOWLEDGE is power… and that through understanding things, we improve the way we think and the way we do those things.

We shall share experiences to bring out EVIDENCE so that we can inspire each and every one of us to take BOLD ACTION and FLOURISH.

Our Projects

Knowledge. Fulfilment. Bold action

“Movement for better”

We Would Like To See

Women, young mothers, single fathers and young people within underprivileged communities flourish financially, socially and emotionally through education, career & professional development.

Underprivileged women, young mothers, single fathers and young people are enabled to fulfil their potential through addressing issues at the earliest stages.

Communities come together and build strong relationship and resilience to overcome inequalities of all kind.

Holding Hands, Love, Respect, Commitment and Compassion

...made us glue together as sisters & mothers